Friday, July 22, 2011

Its a bird, Its a plane.... no its CAMP!

Sorry I haven't posted in quite some time.
I am super busy.
All I am going to say is: CAMP IS AMAZING!!
I am already praying about coming back next summer.
God is pushing me so much and then He pulls me through and its amazing.

Had an AMAZING conversation with a camper yesterday and then again with her last night.
Last night we were at the camp out and I was reading them stories about Jesus last night before bed. It was around 1:00AM and  they wanted to hear more. This morning my director asked me "Gus Gus, who was talking last night when everyone else was ASLEEP!?"-- he wasn't really mad at all, just teasing.  Quite frankly I was so excited that I was reading them to the girls, explaining them so they could understand them, and then hearing their little tired voices ask questions.

Thank you to everyone who has supported me in my trip here!

Friday, July 8, 2011

Hicks Creek

Alpine joined Ranch Camp at their camp-out site, Hicks Creek, last night.  It was a blast! . . . until I woke up around 2:30 feeling sick.  So I climbed over all of the bodies and just went and sat down on a tree stump.  Almost an hour and a half later I finally threw up (you know how its almost a relief).  Still feeling sick I grabbed my sleeping bag from the canvas tent, again tip toeing around sleeping campers.  I curled up in a ball next to the fire pit and just listened to my iPod. I slept for maybe an hour... so I waited until 7:30 to ask my assistant director if I could go back to Alpine and try to get some rest.  So that is what I am doing... but I had to make a pit stop first to just take a break from the hike/make sure I wasn't going to throw up.

Camp is amazing as always.
God is teaching me great things.
I had a really great discussion with a camper yesterday and God was able to use my testimony to really help her, which was really awesome.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Fourth of July

We had today off! Yay!  So instead of having saturday afternoon-sunday off-- we had saturday afternoon through tonight off :)

Saturday after campers left.... I can't remember what I did... I was so tired that I honestly can't remember what I did....

Oh! I went to the Anderson's house for the afternoon and supper. So it was a nice time to just be at "home" and unwind after a hectic week.

Yesterday we went to church- which I absolutely love.  Our worship team from camp + Bluejay + Carlin --ran the worship.  I love our worship team- they are from the Invisible college- look it up.  After church a group of us went to Grand View Cafe, which is about 30 mins from camp.

In the afternoon we went to Hatcher's Pass - a state park sort of place. It was BEAUTIFUL! I will post some pictures once I have time to go through my pictures and put them on the computer... so basically don't hold your breath. ha ha.

Today we had brunch and then went to a local's land on the Matanuska river.

We watched them launch an old mini-van off of the cliff.  Then shoot two bowling balls out of a cannon into the river.

Then I did one of my favorite things,  fell asleep on the dock at waterfront.  I love taking naps outside in the summer- especially when I've been reading... which I was- on my kindle :)

I woke up to some people going out in a canoe. So I went out in a funyak - we had a lot of fun... then to

It was really awesome tonight- we did more untraditional ways of praise. Like I spent some time reading my Bible and then playing with color pastels.  It was just a really cool set up.  I really really enjoy traditional (well with contemporary music) worship.

Well I HAVE TO DO LAUNDRY right now else I am going to be in trouble for clothes for tomorrow ! ha ha nothing has changed much :)

Thank you for your support!
I am already praying about coming back next summer :)

gus gus