Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Week Three!

Today is Wednesday of Week Three at Alpine Camp.

I have an AMAZING group of girls- 10 total.
Two of the girls were in my cabin for week one but had to leave on thursday of that week... so when their mom picked them up on thursday of that week she signed them up for another week! I am SO incredibly thankful that they are back here at camp and in Wrangell.

My CIT (counselor in training) Kiwi is gone for this week.
So I currently am working with a different CIT, Mimzy.
She is really into drama and singing.
Which contrasts my .... I don't even know what I am ... ha ha

But it is really cool how God is able to use her to reach and connect to campers that I can't.

So this is a growing experience for both of us, Kiwi and myself had figured each other out and how to work with each other's strengths and weaknesses. Now it is time for this new team to figure out the same.  :)

Our camp director is the speaker this week- SO GREAT! Oh my goodness I am SO excited for chapel. It has been just wonderful.  The messages are hitting me and quite hard (in the best way).

I am going to go and prepare for our cabin discussion (wednesdays are the day that we share our testimony and the Gospel).

Each week the campers are so different that really I can't rely on doing what I did last week.  I have to step aside and allow God to lead instead of my own "control trip."

Gus Gus

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Week two of Alpine ended yesterday around 1:00.

I felt as though I was going to crumble and crumble quickly.

As I was walking through the lobby to head back to Wrangell (my cabin) a friend stopped me and invited me to go to town with a group of people.

I didn't even think, just simply agreed.

I am so glad that I did, it was so much fun.  It was just quality time spent with great people who have a tendency to be silly.  I laughed a lot.  The laughter wasn't the typical laughter I felt as though I had to force out this week.  It was sincere and occurred frequently.

When we arrived in town we went to Fred Myer and to Ritz's home for supper/adventure/movie.

Her parents made halibut, salmon, and some yellow fish with giant bulging eyes (I have forgotten the real name for it).  It was really great to try the different fish that her dad had just caught!

After supper we went out on the lake- I was in the kayak along with a  friend. The other three were in the paddle boat. It was quite the adventure and also filled with a lot of laughter.


It was what I really needed.


Week three starts tomorrow.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Week 2

Today is the second day of week two.
I have a new group of 10, 7th & 8th grade girls.

Oofta it is a lot of energy to get to know 10 new campers (not including those not in my cabin) every week.

But it is worth every bit of energy.
I absolutely LOVE this.

I just opened up my Facebook and learned that Grandma Hennen died last night...

Will write more about camp later but its time to go for a hike and mourn.
Prayer is appreciated.
Gus Gus

Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday of the First Week

Last night Alpine had their camp out.

At the camp out we hang around the campfire, play ladder golf, Gibberish, a speaker & worship.

It is a really special time with the campers. I absolutely love my girls.  I am already feeling emotional about them leaving tomorrow.  Yesterday two of my girls had to leave.  Today two more are leaving.  So there will be five remaining until tomorrow afternoon.

I am worn out and am going to be heading outside (it is absolutely gorgeous out right now) to spend some alone time with God and just rejuvenate.

The girls in my cabin are so wonderful.  This being the first week of being a counselor has been challenging- physically, emotionally, and spiritually. But it has been extraordinary.

I wish I could be with these girls for the whole summer- I can not believe that I will have a new group of  8-10 girls on Monday.

I already am planning on returning next summer (well I'll see what God has but as of right now I am just really feeling like this is SUCH a great ministry and opportunity to completely pour into these middle school girls and love on them, especially because so many of these campers just crave attention and love).

I definitely can NOT do any  of this without God.  I thought that I wouldn't really use my 2 hour break but I now realize just how important it is to spend that time with either adults or even more importantly with God.

I thank everyone SO much for supporting me in this adventure.

Gus Gus

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

First Week of Camp

Today is Tuesday of the first week of camp (with campers).
I am on my break right now- they are playing a game.
This was today's schedule:
8:30 Breakfast
9:00 Cabin Cleanup/ Staff Meeting
9:45 Skills Clusters (I taught Riflery)
11:00 Cabin Discussions
11:45 Life Sessions (they have 3 options- today my girls went to one on Dating/Relationships).
12:30 Lunch
1:15 T.A.W.G. - Time Alone With God
1:45 Skills Clusters (I did creative & riflery)
3:00 Free Time
5:30 Dinner
6:15 (My break time)
6:15 Game for the campers
8:30 Chapel
10:00 go to Alpine's fireside for testimonies & a game called gibberish
11:00 Lights OUT! (yeah right...)

So the day is pretty packed. We are SO lucky to have a scheduled break each day.
This break is really going to allow me to recharge so my time with my campers is spent to its fullest.
I've been on a 45 minute break so far and I am already SO ready to be back with the girls.  Honestly I don't think I really "needed" it today except that I wanted to check my email to find out if a package was sent.

This week is a challenge. On the most basic level- I have never been a camp counselor before, I have never been at VBC during a week of camp so I do not know the schedule by heart.  Thankfully my director/assistant director have a really great blocked out schedule that tells us what is going on.

I have figured out that my legs will most likely be scabbed and gross all summer. I have "drawn blood" 4 times already, ha ha. So I have  quite the scrapes on my leg (no its not that bad, really its not).

Another revelation- my feet are going to be dirty always and my heals are going to be terribly cracked no matter what I do. Oh well.

I absolutely LOVE it here.
My girls that are in my cabin are going into 6th and 7th grade.  They are so full of energy and are simply precious.
The worship band is really great- they are really talented. Even more importantly they do not turn worship into a show about them- the focus remains on worshipping our Lord.
God is teaching me crazy things.
I am forced to depend on Him, I certainly can not do this by myself.

Speaking of, I have a CIT (counselor in training) in my cabin. Her camp name is Kiwi and she is ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Oh my goodness! I am SO happy that she is my CIT.  She is so great with the girls and she is a lifeguard so when we are down at the waterfront my mind is a little more at ease since I know she can save my girls even if the other lifeguards aren't paying attention (which they never would do such a thing!).

Well I really want to just go for a walk and spend some more time with my amazing creator.

Thank you for your support!
love you all!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

On the Path

Yesterday I realized it was time to do laundry for the first time since arriving in Alaska.

Around 11:30 pm (it is still basically daylight out) I left Wrangell, my cabin, and began the short trek to the laundry room.  As I reached Streshla, another cabin, I looked up.  Approximately 12 ft in front of me on the path was a MOOSE!

I was staring at a moose.  Only 12 ft away.
If you have never been that close to a moose, well they are HUGE!

I then ran to the porch of Streshla and burst into the cabin.

We proceeded to watch the moose from the porch (with the door open for a quick get-a-way) until it clambered up the mountain and ate leaves.


It is the fourth day of orientation week.
I am officially in Alpine Camp.  I will be working primarily with middle school/earlier high school girls.

It truly is amazing here.
Tonight we are going to camp out.
Tomorrow is the swim test...
I'm trying to think how I can avoid it.


Hopefully I will be able to write again.
However campers arrive on Monday, once they are here I most definitely will NOT have time.


Sunday, June 5, 2011


Tomorrow is the beginning of orientation.
So almost all of the staff will be here.

I just received a message from my "sister," that our grandma is really not doing well, health wise.
I don't know how to handle this right now.
We are going into a completely full week and all I can do is sob.
I cry for the family, the grandkids, Grandpa, and for the pain grandma is in.

When my uncle Chuck died I felt as though my heart was ripping out of my chest.
I don't know how this is going to feel and if I can handle all of this.

Grandma has been exactly that to me, my grandma.
I have SO many memories with this family.

Last time I was with grandma we hugged for a very long time.. 'I love you' was exchanged.

I can't keep writing anymore.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Rifle Instructor Gus Gus

Today a Cold War Veteran named Ray taught a camp fire arms safety course.  I am now certified to teach campers how to shoot bb guns, air rifles, and .22 caliber rifles.  Yeah, I feel pretty cool. ha ha! No, really, it was tremendously fun.  The first round of supported shooting (with elbows on a table and the barrel of the gun resting on a bag thingy) I did the best out of everyone!  It was my first time shooting a gun, ever.  However I am pretty sure this was a fluke. lol. There were guys there that have done a lot of  shooting. ha ha.  So today was a good day :)

Archery is tomorrow!

love y'all