Tuesday, May 31, 2011

"Skills Week"

Today most of the counselors arrived at VBC.  I can't lie, I was a little nervous about more new people.  I had become so comfortable with the Staff and was having so much fun getting to know them.  Good thing I am not in control.  Today I met some of the most wonderful people. I JUST realized that I have only known many of these people for one day... it feels like I have known them for a week!

I just walked home from the Alpine lakeside fireside (fire pit with stadium seating benches).  At fireside we had a get to know you game.  I had to act out three things about myself and vice versa to my partner. There was NO talking.  It was really fun- I acted out that I like to take pictures, mountains, and marvel characters (spiderman, wolverine, iron man, ect.).

After the get to know you game, Sunshine and Cheese led worship.
Imagine this- standing by a lake that looks out to snow covered mountains while praising God with many other believers.

The waterfront director--Lieu Lieu and the assistant Frontier director-- Four-Leaf, shared a little about their testimonies.  They were very neat and emphasized the love and acceptance at Victory.  I completely feel it, from all of the staff, cafeteria crew, the main director (who even remembers my name), and the counselors.

On a different note....
I found out that I will not know which camp I will be at until monday--oofta I can not wait! I mostly want to know so I know which director I will be under (they are ALL so great and so I am excited for whom ever I will be serving under).

I also found out that I am going to be certified for the rifle range and archery! I am really excited for that. Tomorrow I will be at the rifle range all day and then thursday will be archery certification.  Friday I will have to take a test for both of them to insure that I can indeed teach children and adolescents how to shoot stuff :)

Today I laughed hard and often.  I even figured out my camp name....

"Gus Gus"-- the little chubby rat from Cinderella

Camp names--- all of the staff and counselors at VBC have a camp name.  It really can be anything.  Off the top of my head these are the names of some people this year;

Four Leaf
Lieu-Lieu (Lieutenant)
Gus Gus


As you can imagine it was really difficult for me to pick one.  These were the names that were in the running:

Sota (as in Minnesota)
Clover (but there is a Four Leaf and that would be kind of weird)
Phoenix (slight HP reference)
Reelz (because of working at the movie theatre and my love for movies)

However, none of them really hit me.  There wasn't one that I thought to myself- YES! That is what I want to be called all summer....

until... GUS GUS!
The goofy personality just fit.
So there it is :)

I am so truly blessed.
I have already had an awesome conversation with a CIT (counselor in training) and I can not wait to have more.

love y'all

Monday, May 30, 2011

A Day in the Valley

The towns Palmer and Wasilla are similar to St. Paul and Minneapolis.
No! They are not comparable size wise.
They sort of blur together, you may think you are in Wasilla but really you're in Palmer.

Palmer/Wasilla is also called "The Valley" because it is in between Matanuska and Sasitka Mts.

Kelly drove the 60 curvy miles, possibly the most beautiful stretch of road.

We met Kymie (pronounced kim-me) at Target.
Kymie is one of Kelly's dearest friends.
She is truly a special one.  Kymie reminds me a lot of one of my best friends. 
She is such a hoot and yet incredibly caring.

We ate at Red Robin, went to the Salvation Army, Fred Myer (awesome!), and Sports Authority.
It was just a fun day.

Kelly and myself made our way home, making two stops.
One- go through the car wash (which we had a little mishap....)
Two- a scenic overlook.

When we arrived home (it truly feels like home) Sandy was cooking an amazing dinner for us.
Steaks, chicken breasts, salad, strawberries, chips, ect.
Mmhmm the marinade was wonderful and they were great!

The Anderson family has made me feel so welcome and so at home.
I am SO blessed by my friendship with Kelly and now this relationship with her family.

I am SO thankful to everyone who has supported me.
This trip to Alaska has been absolutely amazing.
I am in possibly the most beautiful state.
I am building friendships with people that challenge me and lift me up.
Thank you.

---> This is the Matanuska Glacier that feeds the Matanuska River.  The glacier is receding into the mountains (as the face is melts).

(I am finding that I am so excited about being here in Alaska that I have not had time where I just want to sit down and write.  Therefore my blog updates are so scattered. )

Sunday, May 29, 2011

Just the Beginning Pt 2

Just got back from hiking.

The plan for tomorrow is to go to church and then out to eat with Brian, Sandy, Kelly and myself.
I am not sure what the plan is for the afternoon.  I'm hoping some more time outside.
The weather has been unbelievably beautiful.

I am so thankful to everyone that has supported me.
This is an amazing opportunity and I am truly being blessed by those around me.
God is so good and this is going to be a great time of growth.

Good night!

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Just the Beginning

I thought that I was going to want to record all of this really well and now when I have "the time" to write I am pooped out.

Sandy was right when she said as soon as I get to camp I will be hitting the ground running, so I should take a nap now (this was on the ride to camp last night).

Here are a few details about yesterday and today that are not going to be well said but they are going to be documented, ha ha.

Yesterday morning I was up at 5. I was super nervous. Got through security.
Was in line for boarding the plane, a couple in front of me had to check bags and do all of this
"annoying" stuff.   I was so impressed by their attitude and willingness to comply with the flight attendants.

I passed them and boarded the plane. I got the window seat! Yay!

Then it turned out that the couple were sitting next to me! It was really cool to  be able to sit next to people that I already felt comfortable with.

After talking with them for a while I found out their story...
They were set up on a blind date by mutual friends.
For their second date they went to a Christian heavy metal band concert that was a mutual interest of theirs.

He went to St. Scholastica for his undergrad, then to Michigan Tech for chemical engineering, and now is at the U of M for his dr. in kinesiology.... He was so kind and humble.

She went to a really small baptist Bible college for her undergrad.
Then she went to BETHEL UNIVERSITY for her masters in communications!

He engaged at a concert by having the lead singer ask Jodie  in between songs- it was the same band as their second date!

For their wedding they had it at this place in st. paul that was once mining caves or something...
But then was later used as a night club where baby face something hung out there (I may be mixing this story up a bit).

So for their wedding the guys were in pinstripe suits and fedoras.  The ladies had kind of retro hair and the nets in their hair :)

Because some of Jodie's family don't partake in dancing the couple hired a tour guide to dress up like baby face____ and carry a machine gun while taking them on tours of the cave !

This couple was SO considerate of others.
Before I found out that they were Christians I had already noticed that there was something obviously different about them.  The way that they interacted with others and each other was in a particularly special way.

Their story was so special.
Their relationship is special.
They weren't married right after getting their undergraduates (which I definitely know that is a large pressure upon my peers and myself).
God really does amazing things and seeing their relationship was a reminder to continue to wait on Him.


Sandy picked me up at the airport.
We went to Costco, Wal-Mart, and then picked up her friend MaryAnn (who is an absolute gem!).

Sandy stayed in the Valley because she had to pick up a wrangler later that night.  Therefore MaryAnn drove me to camp from the Valley (about 1 hr 30 mins).

It was SO fun! We talked the entire way and I absolutely gawked at the scenery.
I keep saying it because it is how I feel- I am living in a postcard.
All of these pictures were taken in a MOVING vehicle!
The road is SO curvy and completely without shoulders... a little scary at times... ok A LOT scary at times!

Immediately when I arrived at camp we went to the Wilderness camp-out site.
The staff (directors of the 4 different camps, waterfront, activities, ect.) had a cook out there.
Then Kelly and myself walked to her parents' house (on Victory Rd).

On our way back we saw a...
It was approximately 100 ft away.

I just about jumped out of my skin, can't imagine that can you? Ha Ha!

Kelly said "there's a swamp inbetween us, we're fine."
It was SO cool!

Once we arrived home I was able to unpack (I will be staying here for a week) and take a shower, yay!

Saturday morning I awoke at 9:00 AM.
At 10:00 I walked up to Miracle Lodge (the main building that you see on the website next to the lake- yes it truly is THAT beautiful!!).

There I ran into some of the staff and hung out with them for awhile until Kelly came strolling down the stairs into the main lobby.

A little later all of the staff + me, went to the Valley to bowl, go to a park to eat and play ultimate frisbee.

I am HORRIBLE at bowling.
The first game my score was around 18...

The next game I decided to do something "radical" as I said... and it worked! ha ha!
Well, it was at least an improvement!
I think my end score was either 80 or 88 :D

The girls were like "Where did this come from?!" because in the first game there were MANY times where I didn't even hit a pin down!

OHHH we are going to go hiking, so I will continue later :)

Friday, May 27, 2011

First Day In Alaska

I think I could continue to repeat this one word and it would accurately describe how I am feeling.

I have so much to write about my experience today.
I began writing it down this morning on the plane.
However it is 10:17 pm Alaska time... which means it is 1:17 AM Bemidji time.

Therefore I need to go to sleep.
So all I am going to say is: I think I am living in a postcard.
It truly is THAT beautiful.

I will post pictures and my actual post of what my first day was like here in Alaska- tomorrow.
However it will not be until later tomorrow because we are going into town in the morning and will be going bowling/other fun activities :)

Sorry this is so scattered- please forgive me- I have been up since 5 AM.

I am so incredibly excited for what God is going to do at camp this summer.  The staff (which does not include counselors- so the staff consists of directors & asst directors of the 4 different camps, activities directors, program directors, executive directors, ect. ) are all SOOOO amped for this summer.  They have all been so welcoming (as I am the first counselor to arrive) and I could not be more excited to work with this amazing group of people.

Good night to all!

Sunday, May 22, 2011

64 Hours

Approximately 64 hours until I leave Bemidji.

I just threw my first load of laundry into the washer... I'm beginning to feel that I should have began this process a little earlier. Oh well, I'm starting now.

I'm sitting in my favorite room listening to Pandora and writing 'Thank You' notes (which I really enjoy the  intentionality of writing these small cards).

There is a very short time until I will no longer be in the lower 48 (I really enjoy using this term since it was explained in our information packet from camp).

I just wanted to stop by and quickly say that I am so excited and would really appreciate prayer as I continue to prepare spiritually, emotionally, and begin to pack!

Sorry this post was so erratic- it resembles the order of my brain in the last push to tie up all the loose ends...

Friday, May 20, 2011

Out With the Old

Tonight was my last night at work.
It was a great last night.

My amazing assistant manager bought me a Mcdonald's cake (which was delicious).

It was a great crew working and was just genuinely fun.

It is quite strange to think that I won't be working there until after I have spent months in Alaska!

So thanks Amigos for the great last night of work :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


According to the Merriam-Webster dictionary the definition of preparation is "the action or process of making something ready for use or service or of getting ready for some occasion, test, or duty."

I have lists written on receipts, in notebooks, on legal paper, on envelops, as Word documents, as emails, and even in text messages to myself.

Clothes are sprawled across my bed waiting to be sorted through, rolled, and stuffed into my blue and green flower suitcase.

Support letters are sent and I'm even up to date on my 'thank you' cards.

Dr. Fox has given me the A. O. K. to go to Alaska (because of my heart thing).

My plane ticket is purchased.

I have been preparing in so many different ways...

However the most important preparation for serving in Alaska is my time with God.
In all of the errands being run, doctor's appointments, youth group, SIC, and coffee dates with friends, I must continue to focus on my relationship with my Lord.

I am embarking on an adventure so much bigger than me.
But I'm not on my own :)

As many of you know I love music.  Most days I am able to define the emotion of my day by the "soundtracks" I have chosen throughout the day. Today this is what I listened to...

I am so INCREDIBLY thankful to all of those who have given me support and to those who have prayed for me.

Monday, May 16, 2011


It is now official.
I am going to Alaska to be a camp counselor.
I could not be any more excited!

I am still raising support to pay for my plane ticket.
Boy oh boy, God has provided.
I was so hesitant of the idea of raising support.
We are so silly, doubting the Creator, putting limitations upon Him.

It is amazing how far God has brought me and now I can not wait to see how God is going to work this summer.

Friday, May 13, 2011

If You Want . . .

. . . to send me a postcard this is the address :)

Molly C. Ley
64741 S Victory Rd
Sutton, AK 99674