Sunday, August 7, 2011

Breaking All the Rules

Some people at camp get labeled . . . some are done rightfully so. 
I'm not going to say what we may be labeled as because I think you can decide for yourself ;)
Kymie and I decided that we were going to break all of the rules (well at least the ones that we wouldn't get in trouble for.)

On the blob tower - - without a lifeguard . 

On the speedboat (well it may have just been parked by the dock . . .)


On the banana boat - on the dock!

Sitting in the lifeguard's chair - - big no no.
"Kymie your shoe is untied."

Taking hot coco mix from the top of the machine (seriously don't do this one- its unsanitary)

Standing on a table - we are such rebels. 

Sitting in the S.A.L.T. truck. 

Playing in someone's playhouse. 

uhhh . . .

Looks like horseplay to me 

Where is the life vest?

Not only is there no life vest, it definitely is not properly fitted.  

In the laundry room past the appropriate hour.

Oh yes, we went there. 

So mischevious it hurts. . 

Yeah, we push the boundaries. 

"Kymie your shoe is untied."

She sure looks parked to me.
"Kymie your shoe is untied."

Not sure if this is breaking any rules . . . but it sure was silly. 

We are both on the kitchen carts. 

True rebellion. 

"Kymie your shoe is untied."

Using the life guard's floaty thing as a weapon + hitting the assistant program director. 

Unauthorized walkie talkie usage. 

Behind the front counter! 

We are so bad. 

Crying wolf about the fire alarm.

uhhh . . . not sure if this is breaking a rule . . . improper use of the kayak paddles !
"Kymie your shoe is untied."

You can determine for yourself just how bad we are.
Personally, I think we are bad to the bone. 
Up to no good.

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