Wednesday, August 3, 2011

The Visible Boys

I'm not even sure where to start...

Once upon a time, there were three boys.
One boy was from the land of Ohio.  He was a mere 19 years old.
The next boy came from the land of Kentucky.  On July 20th he turned 20.
The third and final boy was from the land of Wisconsin. 

When they arrived at camp they threw out their old names and received different ones.
The boy from Ohio chose to be called Phoenix, after a favorite song. 

The boy from Kentucky did not settle on a name for quite some time, however he introduced himself to me as Geddy (after Geddy Lee from Rush-his ultimate favorite band).  So Geddy he is to me. 

The third and final boy was given the name MuddChopps. Mudd because his name is Clay.  Chopps because of his facial hair.

The three boys came from the same school of music, known as Visible Music College ( in Memphis, Tennessee.

As the summer progressed my appreciation and love for these boys did as well. 
MuddChopps became a dear friend.
Phoenix became my little brother, who seriously enjoys picking on me. 
and Geddy, oh Geddy... he has become to be a brother to me as well. 

These three boys have been an example of what it is like to be a young Christian seeking God--- passionate about music and using their serious talents to glorify God.

Boy oh Boy are they silly and even a little wild sometimes.
But it has been my privilege to have gotten to know them, serve alongside them, and now call them my friends.  

Sunday I wanted to get a nice picture of all of us... MuddChopps went MIA (he was taking a nap).
I really should have known better than to ask for a "normal" picture....

I think if we would have all just stood there and smiled at the camera it would not have accurately shown our personalities- so yes one of these silly photographs will be framed. 

Attempt One

These are just a few of the MANY attempts...

This one we look the most "normal" but not very happy, bahaha.

All I can do is smile and laugh at these boys.

If one isn't making me laugh, then it is for certain the other will be.  :)

Oh my little brother Phoenix.

This is just typical...

Possibly my favorite.

Kelly and me brought Geddy to the airport.  This bear was by the luggage check in.  It was shot by Kelly's orthodontist!  This summer I've begun to realize that I am quite, uh, short in stature.  Geddy, so kindly, scrunched down so I appeared "normal size" as he called it. 
Once of my favorite moments on our staff trip.

Yes, this is really where all of the fishermen weigh their fish.  Yes there were pieces of dead fish on that hook.  

Our epic game of "add on" during Week 7. 

MuddChopps "dressing up" in one my camper's glasses. 

Don't you just love them?!


Was the whistle really necessary?

Geddy was the worship leader.  MuddChopps played guitar/bass (they switched back and forth).  Phoenix played the drums (and seriously amazingly).  They all are SERIOUSLY talented. 

I have countless photos of these boys "photo-bombing" my pictures.  Looking at them make me smile and remind me just how blessed I am to have made such wonderful friendships this summer. 

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