Thursday, August 4, 2011

Vivacious at Victory

Alaska is gorgeous.  I do not believe any person can argue with that.  Even more amazing than the scenery are the people.

This camper is so special to me.  She was with me for the first week of camp but had to leave Thursday morning.  Then her mom signed her up for week three of camp and she was able to stay for the entire week!!! It was just absolutely amazing to see how God worked in her during week one and then again week three. 

Oh I just love this girl.  She was just absolutely amazing. 

Now if miss Ayvree can not make you laugh, well then you most likely will never be able to.  She is just a sweetheart and really just lit up the room. 

Maverick's wife Crash and their daughter.  Absolutely beautiful. 

Such a great example for all of us young women. 

My lovely Kelly Jo. 

So cute. All the time. 

One word: AMAZING.
I love this girl! She really is amazing. 

One of the kids from the community/connected to camp-- I don't really know him other than through camp/church but he is just a cutie and cracks me up! 

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