Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Random Beauty of Alaska

Alaska is beyond beautiful.
The beauty of God's creation is in your face and breath taking.
Another aspect of beauty in Alaska is the events that take place.  The seemingly random events captured on SD card (sounds so much better "captured on film").
These moments are beautiful in their own.

After putting my footprint onto the wall in the Kwanzit hut I needed to wash my foot off... I thought I had all of the paint off.  However when I turned around I realized that I had left a foot print trail-- of only my left foot.

Every Thursday Alpine hikes to our campsite. On the trail my campers pointed out this odd tree.  I have walked this trail so many times and never even noticed this little guy...

wild blueberries for pancakes at camp-out

beautiful dandelion found on the walk back from Chapel

at the airstrip one evening
a mushroom by waterfront

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