Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Staff Trip

We went to Seward, Alaska for our staff trip, the weekend after week four of camp.

There were many activities that were optional.
 Some people went white water rafting.
Some went halibut fishing.
Others just wandered around Seward.

Here are some pictures....

Kiwi, my CIT :)

I wanted to eat on the logs... I just wanted to eat on a particularly large log. So we convinced some friends of ours to help us prop it up... it took about 4 strapping young men.

At a wonderful coffee shop in Seward.

Bluejay and myself on the Fox Island dinner cruise.

Peggz and Phoenix on the cruise.

On the boat :)

MuddChopps starting his day off write- just jammin on the guitar... on the floor... in the lobby of the church.

Some of the VBC staff on the cruise.

Geddy taking a picture.

Fox Island shore is known for its amazing skipping stones.

Do you want to mess with her?

Just enjoying the ride. 

I don't know if we ever are able to take a normal picture on try one...


On the docks.
"Hey Geddy, you should go out there..."

After we returned from the dinner cruise, Ritz, Geddy, Phoenix, and myself just walked up and down the docks.  Phoenix was trying to get this fisherman to spray me with water (he was cleaning his boat)... when Phoenix walked away I asked the fisherman to... and he definitely did! 
Capt. Jack


The catch-all place under the fish cleaning station.
"Hey Geddy, you should pretend your a fish and hang from that."
There is dead fish on the hook...
"It will be really funny!"
(Approximately 5 begging phrases later....)

Oh Geddy! (He is SUCH a blast!)

the close up!

Phoenix photo-bombing... some not so happy girls. ha ha

My dear friend Swix following the evacuation route. 
Two amazingly beautiful and just amazing ladies! Lieu Lieu and Kiwi.

Two of the most amazing high school boys ever- Zatara and Swix. 

"MaMa Us Us"

The staff trip was truly amazing.
Friendships were strengthened.
Many minds were refreshed.
Most importantly, hearts were refocused.

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