Tuesday, August 2, 2011


There is a game that is unique to Victory.
The game is called Gibberish.
The audience picks a person, place, and a "weapon" for the players to act out.

Person- an overweight executioner
Place- in Michael Jackson's grave
Weapon- a dryer full of bouncy balls

There were three boys at camp that came from the Christian music school called Visible.
At one of Alpine's firesides they were the three players of Gibberish.

Geddy was the first player.
So the audience told him what they were going to be acting out.
Phoenix was the second player.
So Geddy had to act out the person, place, and weapon to Phoenix.
Then Phoenix acted them out to MuddChopps.
MuddChopps, being the third player, must guess what the person, place, and weapon are.

This is our view from Alpine fireside. (Around 10:00 pm)

Phoenix playing Gibberish

Geddy playing Gibberish.

Geddy gave Maverick some leaves.... and gave me some moose poop.

MuddChopps and Phoenix

ohhh Phoenix

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